through process, automation and delegation

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Too many people set up a business to get more freedom than they had in their job and then become a slave to the business.

My aim is to help business owners create freedom from the "day job" so they can live the dream ... whatever that means for them.

Hi, I'm Sarah Gathercole and
I'm living my dream!

Everybody's dream is different
- for me it's about being able to work from anywhere and being flexible with my time so I can spend more time with my animals and my motorhome. For you it might be working school hours and term-time only so you can spend time with your children, or it might be to work a 3 day week so you can spend more time on your hobby.

Whatever your individual 'dream', the way to achieve it is to get your business working for you, not the other way round.


So things are going well, the business is growing but it's all a bit chaotic.

You feel like you don't have control of what's going on and you often have a niggling feeling that you've forgotten something.

If you have a team, you still seem to be the centre of everything, with people coming to you for guidance all the time.

You're concerned that if the business gets any bigger it'll get more chaotic, with more people grasping for your time and more potential for things to go wrong for the customer.

The key to growth with control and without your constant input is process. 

You may well have ways of doing things but if they're not formalised then not everyone will be clear what to do and that's why they keep having to ask for help.

Once you have clear processes in your business the next key to making your business less reliant on you is to automate what you can and delegate the tasks that require the human touch.



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I've been working with small business owners since 2006 and being the centre of your business is not uncommon but in reality you've created yourself a J.O.B. not a business if it can't function, at least in part, without you.  

A lot of my work over the years has been helping business owners to create structure through systems and processes before they've been able to delegate effectively.  In the early days I was creating 2D process systems but in 2014 I discovered Trello and it's literally changed my life!

I just played with it at first, using it for a few things here and there, but in 2016 I realised it's potential to turn business processes into interactive '3D' systems that really make managing your business slick and easy!

It enables you to boost organisation, tracking and team-work whilst giving you control of everything that's going on in your business.  It allows automation through it's collaboration with other software and it makes delegation a doddle!

I truly run all areas of my life with Trello and I'm passionate about helping other small business owners gain the flexibilty and freedom I have through process, automation and delegation and Trello can enable all of this.

Whether you are already using Trello or not, here are some awesome packages designed to help you create freedom so you can live your dream!

Signature Programme 

Control Your Business ... Create Your Freedom

This live 10 day programme is delivered online and takes you through my mantra of 'Processorise, Automate, Delegate' - teaching you what to do and helping you to put it into practice.

Trello is key to this programme but it's not simply the tool we use - there's a lot more to learn and implement to enable Trello to perform it's magic!

Online Programme

The Office Fixer's
Guide to Trello

This online guide allows you to work at your own pace to learn how Trello works and, importantly, how you can use it in your business.

It starts with the basics and works through to more advanced functionalities and business implementation ideas, so whether you've used Trello before or not there's something for everyone.

VIP Programmes

Get down and dirty with
The Office Fixer

These 121 bespoke packages draw on my 30 years of office experience to focus on the practical implementation of systems and process in your business.

It's coaching for the office - get guidance, advice, help and support to improve efficiency and gain control by ensuring you have systems that serve YOUR business.


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